Left: Remodeling after Charles decimated our Home.

Middle: The roof required a complex, layered approach.

Right: Nearly completed Shelter.
I've Heard it Told That the Phoenix Rises From its Own Ashes.  We Froze, We Sweat.  Never Has a Greater Phoenix Metaphor Existed.  We Fall, We Rise, We're the Two Asshole Wannabes.
The Both of Us:

Charles and Patrick both spend their summers teaching Traditional Skills through an organization based in Washington, it isn't the  Wilderness Awareness School.  Initially, they attended the organization as campers, followed by youth mentors.  At age 17 they took the Teaching Apprenticeship, and by the time they were 18 they were both teaching wilderness courses.  Each has unique strengths, and each have unforunate weaknesses.  However, when the two combine forces . . . something special happens.  Their unique blend of humour, and knowledge, results in a fun-loving, safe, and productive learning environment.

Patrick Wiley

Charles Borrowman
Our Mission:

Get paid to teach survival.  Oh, wait, we've already accomplished that.  Now, we want to slay all the fake, garbage, survival shows (Like Man vs. Wild) with our own.  One would be hard-pressed to find a more entertaining, knowledgeable duo than us.  Let it be clear, we aren't pretending to know everything about Survival, or to be exceptionally talented.  That being said, we can promise an entertaining, informative, and badass show.  We restored peace to the Earth when we were born, and now we want to show the world how to appreciate the planet without sucking down the smog from a joint packed with the mystical Ganj.
Patrick's Bio: 

Patrick Wiley was born in Minnesota, but moved to Florence, Oregon when he was 1.5 years old.  Florence, known as a giant metropolis inhabited by approximately 7000 people, lead to a lot of unique opportunities; namely figuring out how to stay entertained during the summers.  For awhile, traveling as an All-Star for Baseball was the easy way to accomplish this, but one year . . . The wilderness' hand beckoned him.
   At age 13 he attended his first wilderness course, one centered around the ancient apache art of scouting.  The following summer, he learned about wilderness survival.  Life took a drastic change of direction when he returned and took every course offered, as well as becoming a Youth Mentor, the following summer. 
   After a few years of mentoring every course available, Patrick took the Teaching Apprenticeship at age 17, at the time becoming the youngest male apprentice in the organization's history.  The following year, he assisted nearly every course; and lead instructed for the first time(Games of the Forest Dweller), simultaneously assisting the Introductory Scout week.  Last year, at age 19, Patrick lead Introductory Tracking, Day Camp Tracking/Scouting, Day Camp Survival, Introductory Scouting, and Co-Taught Introductory Survival with Charles.  Crisp Schitsome considers Patrick the youngest true "lead instructor" in his Organization's history, and Patrick's ego gladly accepts the title. 
   In 2009-2010 Patrick attended Whitman college, where he took religion/philosophy courses, and "outdoor leadership".  After a lackluster year, he decided to take time off and has spent time exploring his greatest teacher, life.  Recently, he spent 24 days living in a tent, followed by a month in California where he saw his Idol, Eminem, Perform, and is now heading to DC for the "Rally to Restore Sanity".
Charles' Bio:

   Charles was born in Wisconsin, but moved to Alameda where he spent his childhood; well, most of his life.  Legend has it that he rarely did any homework, instead spending his time rocking the guitar from dusk to dawn. 
  When he was 13, Charlie attended a Wilderness Skills organization on the East Coast.  The following year, he attended the same organization that Patrick was taking courses from; it was there that their friendship began to blossom.  After spending around 4 weeks there, he headed back to the East Coast for a week, but that relationship didn't last. 
  The following year, Charles youth mentored all summer, and at age 17 took the Teaching Apprenticeship.  Last year, at age 18, he co-taught and lead a few courses with Over-Seer Crisp Schitsome keeping one eye on him.  So, he basically lead those courses.
  In 2009-2010 Charles attended Cabrillo Community College, but thought it was a bullshit waste of time and decided not to return.
   He currently attends Culinary school in San Jose at the Professional Culinary Institute.  Trust me, he makes some mean Spicy Noodles.  He lives with his Girlfriend Erica in Santa Cruz.
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Interested in learning Tracking, Wilderness Survival, Scouting Philosophy, Skills of the Artisan, Basic Herbalism?  Hit me up.

Contact Patrick:

Patrick Wiley is located in the Eugene, Oregon area.

Email:  yup_p_wil@hotmail.com OR wileypb@whitman.edu

Cellphone: (541) 999 7122

Interested in learning Tracking, Wilderness Survival, Scouting Philosophy, Skills of the Artisan, Basic Herbalism? Hit me up.

Contact Charlie:

Charlie Borrowman is located in the Santa Cruz, CA area.

Email:  chasmanwords@sbcglobal.net

Cellphone: (510) 508 6353