The Band:
Danda Lyons
, the greatest eco-spiritual band ever concieved was created when the two asshole wannabes, already independently successful musicians, decided to collaborate. Patrick Wiley, an acomplished poet and lyricist teamed up with Charles Borrowman, an experienced guitar player and songwriter.  The result was the most soul-lifting music the world had ever heard. Influences for the band include but are not limited to: Dana Lyons, Ozzy, Eminem, and Crisp Schitsome.

Question: What Happens When an 'Incredible Guitarist' Meets an 'Inspirational Poet'?

Answer: Danda Lyons.  Arguably the Most Badass Eco-Spiritual Experience on the Planet.
The Owl Song:
 Verse One:

Silent stalker of the night,
 Twilight hour's darkest plight.
 Falling shadows, moon on the rise,
 With heartbeat wings and starlit eyes.


 High above the treetops, wings riding on the wind,
 The owl is a symbol of the life that death may bring.
 Stretching through the blackness, comes the loving velvet hand-
 the owl's solemn call, guiding all to the sacred land.

Verse Two:

 Crisp n' chilling, still night air.
 Owls trilling, the time is near.
 Footsteps running down the hall,
 Ancient wisdom.... catch my fall


Verse Three:

 Lost n' tumbling, help on the way
 Talons clutching, my soul is saved
 Flesh to spirit, ashes to bone
 Daybreak's weeping, beckons me home.

Chorus x2

Danda   Lyons
Two Eco-Spiritual Masterminds:

Lead Guitarist Meets Mean Poet
Below: Patrick laying some vocals down for the masses via Whitman's Radio Station.
On a cool summer's eve, sitting boldly around a massive fire, Charles Borrowman and Patrick Wiley found inspiration upon the wings of an owl.  Charles swiftly grabbed his guitar, Patrick snatched up pen and pad and they began scrawling what came to be known as "The Owl Song".  One asshole wannabe inspired by rock 'n' roll, the other inspired by elite rap lyricism, resulted in a unique blend of sounds; the shrill twang of guitar strings ringing through the night mixed with the flowing syllabic rhyme of streaming vocal chords.  The Owl Song made its debut on the Birthdate of Crisp Schitsome.  It became an instant hit among staff, and is now being shared with the rest of the world.

Our Creative Process: